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 Date Posted:  2016-08-22Date Closing:  2016-08-29 
 Posting Number:  70026 
 Job Classification:  State Prog Admin Prin 
 Class Option:  Child Support 
 Employment Condition:  Full Time 
 Insurance Eligibility:  Full Employer Contribution 
 Division:  Child and Family ServicesSection:  Child Support 
 Seniority Unit:  HCO - Central OfficeWork Location:  DHS CO Lafayette Rd 
 Supervisor:  Julie EricksonSupervisor Email:  julie.a.erickson@state.mn.us 
 STAT Recruiter:  Erickson,Nadean MSTAT Recruiter Email:  Nadean.Erickson@state.mn.us 
 General Description of Duties:  This position is part of the Policy and Planning Team within the Child Support Division. The purpose of this team is to develop policy; provide legal and policy analysis; coordinate the Division’s legislative activity; build and maintain relationships with partners and stakeholders in the child support community; provide legal support to management and staff; and coordinate the Division’s long-range planning and priority setting.

• Manage and guide the work of the Child Support Task Force by identifying issues, explaining program and system requirements, and evaluating options.
• Provide subject matter expertise to the task force relating to complex child support policy issues.
• Prepare the task force reports due to the legislature.
• Research and analyze policy options to determine the issues related to each option.
• Recommend and draft major policy changes which have significant political or budgetary impact for consideration by DHS management.
• Act as a liaison for Child Support with other DHS sections and state agencies, other branches of state government, representatives of county agencies, various advocacy and community organizations, and the federal government.
• Assist in the development and drafting of legislation and support the legislation process (track legislation, develop written materials, and provide technical expertise) for issues related to the Child Support Task.
• Research and analyze state and federal law for the development of Division legislative proposals.

 Eligible bidders must be able to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without accommodations.

Per the MAPE bargaining unit agreement, you must be a permanent non-probationary MAPE employee in the same seniority unit, same classification, and same class option as this vacancy in order to submit an "interest bid". To interest bid, enter your employee ID:

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